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There are three ways you can amend or cancel your reservation made through East Africa Corporate Reservations platform:

1. Log on or sign up to ‘my account‘ on East Africa corporate reservations website and go to ‘manage my reservations’ and  there you have option to cancel or amend your reservation.

2. Email East Africa Corporate reservations’ customer service on: reservations@eastafricacorporatereservations.com and ask for support to amend or cancel your existing reservation.

3. Contact the hotel you booked with to amend or cancel your reservation.

Please bear in mind that any cancellation may be subject to cancellation fees when made outside the hotel cancellation policy. We strongly advise you to carefully read your reservation cancellation policy before going ahead with the cancellation

Our terms and conditions for your personal data handling may change in case new data protection laws come into effect. We will update every change made to our Terms and  conditions to reflect our policies for personal data handling going forward. Our policy for Personal information handling, as reflected in our Terms & Conditions for making reservations, stipulate that your information cannot be held longer than necessary and it is held only for the purpose of your specific reservation. Please also read our Terms and condition for making reservation.

Other than from your consent, although rarely, your reservation may be cancelled because of some unexpected factors.

  1. Your hotel may be fully booked and not be able to honour your reservation. In this case the hotel is responsible to find alternative accommodation for you and liable to pay any extra cost involved to meet the standard of your choice.

  2. Your payment has not been received for pre-paid reservations. Some reservations are pre-paid therefore require payment at the time of booking. In case hotel are unable to liaise with you in order to arrange payment for your reservation, they might end-up cancelling your reservation. Please ensure you provide correct credit card details for pre-paid type reservations.

  3. Your reservation may also be cancelled because of some unexpected factors such as natural disaster, weather conditions or even civil unrest etc.. It is advisable to have an insurance policy when planning your reservation.

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