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About US

East Africa Corporate Reservations is an online platform dedicated to marketing and providing hotels and tour packages reservations solutions across the east african region. Our website tools allow potential guests destined for the east african region to access hotels, tour packages, cars and vacation rentals’ facilities and help them make reservations from anywhere in the world.

East Africa Corporate Reservations has keen interest in outsourcing and generating group reservations to serve an ever growing corporate and business market in the east african region while offering individual reservations to meeting every guest’s expectations.

It is our fundamental belief that the Hospitality industry is one of the fastest-growing businesses’ sectors in the east africa region and being able to provide reservation’s solutions to both local businesses and potential guests is something East Africa Corporate Reservations takes pride in.


The company’s stated Vision are as follows: to be the one-stop and leading search site for hotels and Tourist expeditions in the East Africa region.


The company’s stated Mission are as follows: Create value for customers by meeting their objectives of hotel and tour package reservations and offer cost effective solutions to local hotels and tour companies by boosting their visibility.

Core Values

The core values are the fundamental principles, the non-negotiable way guiding the behavior of all EACR employees. They should be practiced and embraced in order to create the desired culture to drive EACR’s vision. They are the system of shared values and in an organization setting. EACR Directors recognize that having the right values will result in more efficiency, higher productivity, and focus. The overriding principles guiding EACR’s value include the following as captured in the “ACITE” acronym:


• Accountability and Transparency: We take ownership and responsibility for our actions and provide precise account of them in a transparent manner.


• Customer Success: A commitment to surpassing our customer expectations and being an integral part of their success.


• Integrity and Transparency: A commitment to be honest, sincere and transparent in our dealings with our customers, vendors and employees.


• Excellence in what we do: A commitment to strive relentlessly to excel in our services, our processes, our people and our technologies.